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Deanna Roberts

Cosmetologist / Make up Artist / Nail Tech / Esthetician



Over 28 years experience.


I love PCA for its aggressive anti-aging properties, and Skin Script's enzymes for the sheer deliciousness of the scents.


Published Makeup Artist in Alternative/Gothic/Fashion Magazines.
Makeup and Skin Care are my passions, along with gorgeous lash enhancements.
I also love waxing. It gives me joy, to make my clients feel good about themselves.


One of my hobbies is Historical Re-enactments. I love Victorian/Edwardian fashions, into the Dark Vampy looks of the Roaring 20?s, The 1930?s Silver Screen Glamour, 50?s Pin Up, and the glittery Disco Era. Add in a splash of 80?s Gothic & Modern Gothic.

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